Read what people who I have worked with are saying about our time together.

"Rick is the ultimate project manager who takes the project from inception to close with expertise and ownership. He’s seeks to understand the strategy to assure the project will deliver and move the business forward.

Rick doesn’t hesitate to take on the most complex projects and works diligently with his project team to successfully implement. He’s an effective communicator and develops good relationships with all team members as well as vendors.

Rick is a valued project manager and an asset to any leadership team who wants to advance their business strategies and align projects accordingly."

-- Lena Mitchell, Director, PMO, Suncoast Credit Union

"I worked with Rick on special projects and he was always very helpful and technically competent. Rick knows how to ask the right questions which is a key soft skill in IT and moreover, project management. Rick contributed to the team in a meaningful way and I recommend his work."

-- Jim Keenan, Director, Digital Marketing, AMG Funds

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rick at Rocaton Investment Advisors. Rick demonstrated his dedication and passion for IT from the moment I met him and he has an incredible knowledge and background for what he does. I would consider Rick an asset to any work team. It was a pleasure to work with him at Rocaton when we worked together on an intranet portal site together. Rick was very organized and detailed and when we rolled out the intranet to our employees he trained them with ease as to how to use and integrate the portal to their needs. Rick's work was an essential platform for what Rocaton does for corporations.

If I could have the pleasure of working with Rick again I would. I wish him the very best with his work endeavours and much success!"

-- Susan Betsworth, HR Compliance Specialist, Rocaton Investment Advisors